Certain invested only a short span from inside the Athens and you can returned given that rapidly as possible

Certain invested only a short span from inside the Athens and you can returned given that rapidly as possible

79 The only intent behind that it short term migratory pattern are new purchase of bucks, a thing that are hard towards the Mykonos, for home dependent on agriculture and for men and women household living in the town. Brand new revenue received because of the these types of more youthful migrants-immediately following looking at their own expenses into the Athens-was in fact paid for the majority, regardless if maybe not throughout, circumstances towards parental home. The fresh behavior regarding an excellent young man inside value is removed to your membership in virtually any “gifts” produced by the parents so you’re able to him both prior to or immediately after his marriage. (These types of basically constituted pre-mortem inheritance and you can had been invariably presents out of house (Hionidou, 1995a, 78-9)).

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Exactly how many of your own siblings got partnered and decided to go to Athens?

80 Age the new migrant plus the condition regarding members of the family steps and additionally inspired new migratory development off an earlier people. (To have a similar situation on the island of Tenos pick Dubisch, 1977, 72-3). If, instance, there are more youthful brothers which could cover the family demands off manpower back to your Mykonos, then their remain in Athens from inside the dollars work was longer, ergo guaranteeing an excellent maximisation of the earnings:

87 A comparable informant revealed that if the people were young, your family owned absolutely nothing land. Only when the children spent my youth performed the household acquire more, presumably from excess money gained generally by the migrant sons. In the long run, it appears to be getting become prominent getting young betrothed dudes to create a trip to Athens to make some money managed to cover the main matrimony expenditures (No seven, Zero 21).

88 Not absolutely all made a decision to move. Nonetheless, it is known that the majority of single male Mykoniati got left Mykonos at some stage in amount of time in acquisition to function inside reduced a position . The fresh justification offered by informants in such cases are the migrant don’t like Athens (Zero eleven, No sixteen). Individuals who existed toward isle almost invariably worked on the adult ranch, where they passed down a corner.

89 Hence, total the fresh migratory pattern from single young Mykoniati guys are temporary and circulatory . Relationships seems to have played a crucial role for the bringing change toward occupational updates out-of younger guys, which got an effect to their migratory trend.

90 Once married, a beneficial Mykoniati pair create do the decision away from the best place to alive. Its alternatives relied partially with the job of your bridegroom, that’s, whether he had been an employee from inside the Athens otherwise whether he was together with adult family, “helping” his father to operate the new ranch.

ninety-five A. In line with their mode, the guy offered good dowry to all or any girls. The girl had to rating a house along with the modest house-stuff. The all of them marketed [our home] and you may visited Athens, certain continue to have them… when they had married, a few of their husbands was basically doing work in Athens. It went and put up its house there…

Based on how a lot of the sisters achieved it takes place in that way?

95 The option along with relied into the perhaps the partners gotten gifts and you will dowry up on relationships, brand new the total amount for the gift and you may/otherwise dowry, otherwise whether or not they had been promised it having another day. Very, just in case new bride’s dowry was a plot of land when you look at the Athens, the couple create usually disperse here . In the event that, alternatively, the brand new child received up on marriage a house towards the Mykonos, you to definitely did not indicate the happy couple carry out stick to this new area. Our home would be offered very easily while the proceed to Athens carry out result if your few-or in some cases the new spouse alone-perceived the latest move because the boosting its opportu-nities . If something special gotten toward son up on matrimony, then carry out be open stay on the newest isle and start to become a character as opposed to so it excluding the potential for him moving briefly to help you make money on an after point. Obviously, backlinks between heredity/dowry and you may migration was indeed quite strong.

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