Kim Seon Ho: (sends long content delivered because of the Choi Young Ah) A: How do you be?

Kim Seon Ho: (sends long content delivered because of the Choi Young Ah) A: How do you be?

Kim Seon Ho: I enjoy their including..nevertheless the result is visible Kim Seon Ho: In my opinion she will rest again A great: There can be a greater risk of one going on A beneficial: Do you pick a future together with her? . difficult. A: Out of my personal viewpoint, In my opinion [their actions] could well be consistently repetitive Kim Seon Ho: My personal direct hurts…. Kim Seon Ho: I will view it when considering it off another angle, however, from the inside, they feels as though I’m in the water Kim Seon Ho: It’s frustrating, particularly I could nearly notice it however, are unable to. A: You are sure that however they are still dropping for this.

Kim Seon Ho also acquired recommendations of B, a theatre star that is close friends having one another Kim Seon Ho and you will Choi More youthful Ah. B thought to Kim Seon Ho, “She claims she won’t do it again. You ought to accept is as true in the event the she’s apologizing by doing this.” Kim hoppa Г¶ver till denna webbplats Seon Ho upcoming decided to forgive their particular.

Kim Seon Ho: I don’t view it yet Kim Seon Ho: She blogged the content such a heartbreaking ways sound A good: What is actually upsetting would be the fact people seems to exercise better however, relationship, like, and even relationships try

On the July 24, Choi Younger Ah learned you to she are expecting. She named Kim Seon Ho if you find yourself crying as well as have delivered him a text.

B told me, “At first, the guy congratulated their own saying it is the great thing. I believe he had been truly terrified regardless if. He really envision a lot about this. Sadly, the two agreed to let [the baby] go. And he very carefully expected things from me personally.”

B shared, “Each other had completely inflamed vision once they came down. This choice must not had been simple to generate. As i went along to a healthcare facility together with her, he visited get edibles to own seaweed soup. He could be somebody who cannot get ready whatsoever…”

Kim Seon Ho prepared her seaweed soups for two weeks. On the “two days & step 1 Night-season cuatro,” the guy stated, “I know how exactly to cook seaweed soup since the We cooked they recently.”

Choi Young Ah published in her own new post, “Kim Seon Ho’s thinking changed totally adopting the abortion.” She asserted that the guy “generated a plausible guarantee in the relationship and you can launching [her] to his parents by the pretending and you may sleeping.”

I do not think she will improve which A beneficial: This is not a crisis such as for instance “The realm of brand new Married” otherwise “Love and you can War”

Considering Choi More youthful Ah’s pal C, she fulfilled Kim Seon Ho’s moms and dads after the abortion, ate with them, and also slept at the their place.

C revealed, “More youthful Ah resided near to Seon Ho’s mothers later on. Seon Ho spent some time working to create believe together with her. He together with used an excellent Shiba Inu named Ho Ah getting their therefore she wouldn’t be alone when alone.”

Inside her unique article, Choi Younger Ah and wrote, “Just like the the guy existed their youthfulness for the poverty, he has got a good obsession with currency. He merely sent me personally 2 mil acquired (everything $step 1,717) into the surgery and health charges.”

Choi Young Ah’s friend D told you about it, “Their particular indulgent paying are hard for Kim Seon Ho. Having Christmas, she had a great 7 million obtained developer wallet (everything $6,008). She own it together with her private credit and received a money import of Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] know about they due to the fact she boasted regarding it.”

D added, “I have not witnessed Choi More youthful Ah shell out. Constantly Kim Seon Ho reduced. She states Kim Seon Ho enjoys designer brands? Associates all of the learn who is the person who truly obsesses more creator brands.”

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