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Thyolo Open Day

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Open day

The opened day will be held on 25 November 2021 at Mang’ombo Primary School ground in Sub-Traditional Authority Mpirisi - Balaka district. The theme of the open day: “To share knowledge with young people so that they are empowered to combat teenage pregnancies in the area.”

Second PrEP QI Collaborative Learning Session

Hapuwani Mulanje, Southern Region

The second learning session for PrEP QI health facility collaborative. The PrEP Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC) in Blantyre aims to identify key quality improvement areas and address gaps in care to support the delivery of PrEP services.

MaiKhanda Strategic Plan Meeting – May 2022

After four years of implementing the MaiKhanda 2018 – 2023 strategic plan, Maikhanda board of directors recommended to management to initiate a process to review the strategic plan. The process requires reviewing and evaluating how the strategies in the document have been implemented and what have been achieved so far. Therefore, 2nd through 6th  May […]